We create a concept for your web presence - either for your private website, your club/association or your company. We develop the structure and design according to your wishes and requirements and make it visually appealing.

We apply flexible und search engine friendly webdesign which adheres to W3C standard.

Usability is what we are focused on. We pay attention to accessibility of your content. We make sure your site looks clean and is easy to navigate.

We like consistent designs. Everything should be themed to make your design coherent on all pages of your website.

We offer a revision and redesign of your existing website and develop new ideas about how to reach your target audience with a up-to-date new look.

Image Editing

The team of The Closer Look can edit your images in order to remove flaws commonly found in standard photos like under/overexposure, blurring, low contrast, color hues, red eyes etc.

The use of professional images and graphics will give your site unique personality. With punchy pictures, information is conveyed more easily. Based on their emotional effect, images are better memorized than text.

With methods like photo manipulation, retouching, selective color change, perspective control, distortion etc., we can create the desired look and reinforce your message for maximum effect.

Corporate Design

Corporate Identity - the distinctive personality of your company - which shows its face in your corporate design. We help to develop your identity into a memorable und visually appealing brand by using: Logo - Color concept - Key images - Typographie - Consistent structure Remember that the saying "The first impression counts" equally applies to your web presence. Our work is guided by the rule "form follows function" and we are passionate about combining usability and uniqueness in our design.

Translation Service

In order to reach your German target audience you should make your content available for German speakers. We help you with translations.
We also offer translations from French and Spanish into English or German.